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“Generosity is about giving,” says Kristy Muir, the CEO of the Paul Ramsey Foundation, “and giving is a love of humanity.”

Kristy, along with Adam McCurdie, founder and CEO of Humanitix; and Mike Gore, founder and CEO of Charitabl., live and breathe their passion for social good.

On this Helping Hands panel discussion, they discuss Charitable Giving and Generosity.

Generosity and giving matters because there are unmet needs across Australia, says Kristy. “It matters because of the importance of community connection. It matters because not everybody has what they need to thrive.”

Australians, Kristy says, are some of the most generous givers in terms of time.  3.2 million people give time in an official volunteering capacity every year, with many more of us outpouring generosity into everyday acts of kindness that have an equally important positive impact on the lives of others.

In terms of financial generosity, we could up our game, continues Kristy. One answer could be to simply challenge ourselves with a deliberate plan of generosity – taking the time to ask ourselves, “What percent of my disposable income am I giving to charity in any given year?”

The concept of simplifying generosity and making it easier to give is the inspiration behind the new Charitabl. app, Mike adds.

People around the world speak a common language of generosity, Mike says. They want to give. But today’s sophisticated scams and unaccounted for costs can make it hard to be financially generous. The Charitabl. app brings more than 39,000 charities into a safe, trustworthy and secure platform where anyone can give to anything they’re passionate about.

Being generous, Adam says, is important because its impact is positive for everyone involved. It’s why he started his social enterprise, Humanitix – an event management platform within which fees are donated to charitable organisations rather than pocketed as profit.

For the workplace, he says, the positive ripple effect extends three ways – to clients, staff and the charities they support.

“Working at an organisation where you’re able to demonstrate your skills, improve your skills, earn a good living and be a part of something that is genuinely making huge and growing impact is the awesome combo that all of us are looking for … that is what so many of us are yearning for.”

Kristy, Mike and Adam agree that charitable giving and generosity are concepts from which we all benefit – whether we are the giver or the recipient. The more generous we are with our time, money and resources, the more we can make a positive impact, and help to make the world a better place.

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