Why not consider membership? We are a community funded and volunteer run radio station, so becoming a member or partner helps us reach our community with our positive message of life. We value your membership and support, and we keep our membership rates very reasonable!

By becoming a member of 105.1 Life FM, you will:

  • Have a stronger involvement in this ministry.
  • Be eligible to volunteer and to vote at the annual general meeting.
  • Help 105.1 Life FM demonstrate needed community support to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) who grants us our community broadcasting license.
  • Single: $45
  • Single Pensioner/Concession: $35
  • Husband & Wife Joint: $70
  • Husband & Wife Joint Pensioner/Concession: $50

It only takes a few minutes to sign up to become a member of Life FM and make your annual membership payment securely online (details below).

Members of 105.1 Life FM are eligible to consider committee roles, including the Committee of Management and the Programming Sub-committee. Members receive notification of existing Committee of Management vacancies prior to the AGM, and can submit a nomination, or get someone to nominate them. Voting is in accordance with the station’s Association Rules.

Interest in the Programming Sub-committee can be made at any time by emailing or calling 5444 3512.