By: Sharon Fitness

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, time to start planning the perfect night for your sweetheart. 

But with costs of everything going through the roof, putting together the ultimate romantic evening is a little tricker and budget conscious options are looking like the better way to go. GOOD is a free streaming service, and has all you need to plan the ideal movie night in, with stacks of heart-warming, sentimental, charming, funny and downright lovey-dovey movies to create your perfect Valentine’s Movie Night.

Now if you really want to push the boat out, without buying tickets on a boat – because, let’s face it, that’s expensive – then check out this post for some romantic dinner-for-two recipe ideas. Mmmm, try the Polenta with Wild Mushroom Ragú or even simple Homemade Pizza would impress.

Then, snuggle on the couch with your favourite ice-cream, a couple of spoons, and open up the GOOD app. There’s a wide choice of movies available, but romance is a speciality, making the feel-good vibes always a winner. Here’s just a few ready to watch, right now.

You Had Me at Aloha


After seeing cute, producer Paige banter with host applicant Ben during a job interview, the TV network makes them co-hosts for a travelogue for Oahu. But can they work together? Paige and Ben clash over their ideas for production but realise they must grapple with the fact that not only do they need each other to further their careers, but they also balance each other on and off the screen.

The Baker’s Son

The Bakers Son

Baker Matt has a crush on a beautiful newcomer to town, and his passion transforms his bread from bland to brilliant. But when things don’t work out and his bread loses its magic, the desperate island locals turn to Annie, Matt’s childhood friend – and true love – for help.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Bored with her social butterfly lifestyle, Victoria Tremont longs to find that special someone. Naturally, when a handsome stranger walks into the coffee shop where she works, she turns on the charm. But when he fails to respond to her flirting the way men usually do, she’s perplexed. She finds out that he runs a ministry that builds affordable housing, and sees that if she wants to get his attention, all she has to do is volunteer. So what if it’s a faith-based ministry. Pretending to be a “church person” isn’t any different than pretending to like sports or a guy’s friends, right? Jason Holman has relocated, hoping to get away from women who don’t take commitment seriously. Now, all he needs is a cure for his loneliness. But when a beautiful blonde volunteer catches his eye, he resolves to keep their relationship professional.

Under the Autumn Moon

Under the Autumn Moon

When an ambitious executive convinces her boss that a picturesque ranch would be perfect for their company retreats, he agrees to let her check it out. However, her plan hits a snag when the owner, a charming cowboy, refuses to sell unless she can promise to preserve its history. He convinces her to stay and experience the magic of the ranch, but when her boss shows up with other plans in mind, will she have to make a choice between love or ambition?

Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate

Jacob Fisher, an Orthodox Jewish Cantor and amateur songwriter who resides in Brooklyn, New York, witnesses the senseless murder of his wife and three children. Catatonic, Jacob walks out on his Jewish mourning ritual, leaving behind his Jewish garments, wallet and keys. Abandoning his identity, he wanders aimlessly, hoping somehow to understand his tragedy. Fortuitously, he lands in Brent, Alabama (population 2,500), where he is embraced by Nina, a single mother and the lead singer of a small gospel choir, her Uncle Moe and their gospel community.

The Vows We Keep

The Vows We Keep

Event planner Hazel must organise the perfect wedding for her sister in less than a month when she finds out that Rosewood, the place where their parents were married, is being sold. The inn has been in owner Simone’s family for four generations and is a place where so many couples have begun their lives together. To deliver on her sister’s dream, Hazel meets with Jared, the man preparing the historic estate for sale. She agrees to plan all the remaining events before the sale of the property if he will allow her sister’s wedding to go on. As they work together, they are reminded of the importance of traditions in enriching people’s lives.

Love on Iceland Love on Iceland

Searching for a fresh podcast idea for work, Chloe gathers her old college friends and organises a spontaneous trip to Iceland. She doesn’t expect to run into her ex, Charlie, who shows up uninvited, but what starts as begrudgingly spending more time together, results in new beginnings for them both.

This is just some of the wide range of feel-good fare ready to watch right now. So create your perfect Valentine’s Day night-in by heading to GOOD. Download the FREE app for mobile, Google TV, Apple TV or watch on the GOOD website. For more information about how to get connected, click HERE.

Article supplied with thanks to GOOD.

Feature image: Photo by Jesse Goll on Unsplash 

About the Author: Sharon Fitness is a movie buff, foodie, dog lover and tv fan.