By: Alex Milne

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since war broke out in Ukraine.

Throughout that time, FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Co) has been on air and on the ground providing hope and sharing the message of the gospel to people in Ukraine through radio broadcasting.

In a recent interview, FEBC’s Eurasia Director Victor Akhterov said that through the use of technology their work in Ukraine and throughout Europe has been having an impact.

“We are all over the globe and the ministry’s growing,” said Victor. “We’re kind of simple in our approach, we are sharing the gospel with people and working with locals whenever possible.”

“We are using all kinds of technology, social networks, short wave radio, FM/AM. We are trying to be as close to the listener as possible.”

Dr Victor Akhterov FEBC Dr Victor Akhterov, FEBC Eurasia Director / Source: Supplied

Ukrainians are facing immense challenges but Victor was encouraged to see the church rising up.

“A lot of new leaders rose up in the churches throughout Ukraine. People who are just seeking or participating, today they are doing so much work because they are reaching outside of the walls of the church. They’re inviting people to the church, they’re providing humanitarian help and they’re ministering as they do that.”

“I was talking to one of our broadcasters and he’s very active in his church. He said ‘I just baptized 40 new people’ and every week they minister in Kyiv the capital to about 400 people and many of them become interested in faith, some of them start attending their church.”

“It is very difficult. People are exhausted but at the same time people are excited and they are taking every single opportunity they can to minister to people around them.”

After the war began, FEBC started to expand their ministry to better meet the needs of their listeners.

“We discovered that it is not enough to talk to broadcaster on the radio or just after the program” said Victor.

“People need real help. People have real pain, especially now.” Victor Akhterov, FEBC Eurasia

“We formed a group of counsellors and we started doing phone counselling. We ask people to call if they have a question or an issue they want to receive some help for.”

“So many people started to call us. It is just amazing to see how people open up, talk about their lives and cry and share. Our counsellors are all experienced evangelists, so they’re not just helping people with their problems, they are sharing Christ as they do that.”

We have about 400 people who are becoming Christians every month through this ministry.

FEBC are hosting a livestream on the 16th February 2023 to learn more about Ukraine, a year on. More information is available on the FEBC website.

Article supplied with thanks to 96five.

Feature image: Photo by Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash