bek-reddin-300Toddlers can be a lot of fun… They’re entertaining, they can make you feel special, and they’re really cute!

Toddlers are also selfish, immature and poop in their pants. (take it from a mum who is currently toilet training her two year old)

So how do you know if that cute guy who has your attention is a man, or still a toddler? Here are some signs to look out for…

His mum is still his primary care giver
A toddler needs his mum to do everything for him. She cooks his meals, washes his clothes, pays his bills.

A man provides for himself, and is generous with others.

He gets distracted easily
A toddler is constantly distracted by something new and shiny. He is instantly convinced that he can’t live without this new, shiny thing….until something even more exciting comes along….

A man commits to something and will see it through. ‘Not really feeling it’ isn’t in his vocabulary.


He treats your body like a jungle gym
A toddler thinks he can put his hands wherever he likes.

A man respects your body and your boundaries.

He throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his own way
A toddler likes to do things on his own terms without regard for others, the consequences of his actions, or even his own future.

A man will have a conversation, will make compromises, and respects others opinions.

He gets jealous when you do better than him
A toddler hates to share the limelight.

A man encourages you to do well and to achieve your goals. He enjoys your success and celebrates with you.

He touches things he shouldn’t.

A man respects and values the relationship he has with you and doesn’t seek out other women or ‘websites’. He understands that this is harmful to himself and to your relationship.

He loves the bottle and hates bedtime
A toddler wants to stay up all night long and party hard.

A man knows that getting drunk and passing out as an adult is just plain ridiculous. He is busy working on himself, his relationships and his future.


He doesn’t play well with others
A toddler finds it hard to know how to interact with adults. He is not dark or mysterious, he’s not just ‘misunderstood’.

A man will want to get to know your friends and family because they are important to you.

He blames others when things go wrong
A toddler is quick to point to someone else and say ‘he did it!’.

A man takes responsibility for his mistakes and learns from them.

He still believes in Santa Claus
While a toddler closes his eyes and makes a wish, a man makes a plan. He works hard and makes sacrifices to accomplish his goals.

He hasn’t learned to read.
A toddler only picks up a book to look at the pictures.

A man will invest into God’s Holy Word with an expectant heart. He takes his faith seriously and seeks to be a leader in his relationships, church and community.

If you think you’re dating a toddler, drop the kid at daycare and go find a man.

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.”
1 Corinthians 13:11


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