The internet has become a breeding ground for creative baby announcements, and it’s wonderful. They inspire us to consider how we can make the most of significant moments that we get to share with our loved ones. As first time parents, this young couple knew straight away that they wanted their baby announcement to be special for their families.

The Bates stand in front of a plain cardboard box as their families draw closer in anticipation for the gender reveal of the new baby. “Don’t stop recording until I say…”, Lindsay emphasises to the person behind the camera, suggesting that the reveal might take an unexpected twist.

She carefully starts cutting at the tape which binds the box together. “Okay ready? 1,2,3!”

The couple opens the box and a bunch of pink balloons pop out as screams of joy erupt from their families. IT’S A GIRL!

And then the twist comes. Dad brings over a second box. The family clues on pretty quickly as they begin guessing what it might mean.

“It’s twins!”

“For a-… for a second baby?!” stutters the man recording the video.

The couple confirm: yes another baby! When blue balloons float out of the second box, the excitement goes to a whole other level. Mum’s covering her mouth in disbelief as she realises that she’ll have twin grandkids, and laughter erupts. The joy is contagious, from both the couple and the family, and you can’t help but smile. The video posted by Lindsay has over a million views and the caption now reads “UPDATE: Our twins were born on Christmas Day! We love being parents!”

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