Charlie Moldavon may not even be 1 yet, but his very artistic parents are ensuring that he’s already got an online following.

For the past 42 weeks since Charlie was born, his parents have been uploading a photo to Instagram every week. What makes his photos different from the millions of other baby photos that get shared on social media everyday, is that his parents have turned them into works of arts Read Full Report. With a few creative poses, Charlie’s photos have been digitally drawn on top of creating some amazing cartoon like scenes.


Charlie’s parents, Amanda and Dave, spoke to PopSugar about their out-of-the-box baby photos; “We were racking our brains to come up with a concept… When nothing was working, Dave opened up a photo in Adobe Illustrator and began to play around with different ideas and ended up with Charlie’s week one picture.”

Check out the photos while you can, Charlie’s parents say they plan to scale back the weekly photos after Charlie’s first birthday. Instead they plan on releasing an App so other parents can add artistic touches to their children’s photos.



See all of Charlie’s amazing baby photos on Instagram here.